September Luncheon - Paid Attention with Rosie & Faris Yakob

Thursday, Sep 20, 2018, 11:30am - 1:00pm
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Faris and Rosie Yakob cull from communication theory, neuroscience, creativity and innovation, media history, branding and emerging technologies to speak to AAF Memphis about Paid Attention: Advertising in an ADD Economy. They are co-founders of the nomadic creative consultancy Genius/Steals.

Attention is the foundational idea of communication and advertising, the top of the mythical funnel. It's the most valuable resource in the world, powering the new giants of culture. But what is it? What do we actually know about it? Faris and Rosie Yakob will explore those questions and more and why attention matters to marketers. They’ll talk about how attention works, how it creates value in a world of creativity, and how to hack that system. They’ll explain why impressions don't always seem to leave one. And how the Internet acts like a live global attention market — and what you need to know as a marketer.


About Faris and Rosie

Faris and Rosie Yakob are co-founders of the nomadic creative consultancy Genius/Steals. Faris authored of bestselling marketing book “Paid  Attention: Innovative Advertising for a Digital World.” They help brands, agencies and people discover and identify new communication ideas, product concepts and find exciting ways of thinking, especially as they relate to technology. Both Faris - who was named one of the modern Mad Men by Fast Company - and Rosie believe advertising can and should be a positive force in the world.