Account Coordinator, Good Advertising

Posted 10.12.2018

We are looking for a motivated professional to act as the "hub" of the agency. You will be responsible for maintaining the workflow of the agency, staying ahead of multiple deadlines, working closely with team members and resolving various issues that may come along. If you have a knack for organization, teamwork and problem-solving, we welcome you to apply.

Job Responsibilities

- Maintain the traffic department, including processing client requests, revisions and new projects through our internal traffic channel; recording and filing job-related material for future reference; prioritizing and organizing projects to meet deadlines. You will be included on every call with our clients, learning first-hand about the various aspects of our shared work. You will be expected to take notes on these calls. Eventually, if you show signs of being a strong communicator, you will assume a larger responsibility in terms of direct communication with our clients.

- Handle fulfillment of large-scale projects, including ongoing iPad and USB loading, keeping detailed records of fulfillment (including serial numbers and tracking numbers), tracking fulfillment shipments to ensure delivery and working with UPS/FedEx to ensure proper customs paperwork is filed and shipments are on time.

- Research and order products from trusted suppliers, including communicating with suppliers to ensure products are being produced on time and in budget, and completing press and proof checks to ensure that the final product will be up to our and our client’s standards.

- Communicate directly with the creative team to ensure projects are on track and work with the accounting department to ensure proper billing and accounting paperwork is filed correctly.

- Assist with quality control on each project, such as proofreading for accuracy and ensuring each deliverable meets clients needs/expectations.

- Other duties as required, including attending and participating in concept sessions and taking detailed notes for future review.

Required Skills

- Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel

- Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills

- Interpersonal communication skills, including the ability to clearly communicate in written and spoken word

- Strong writing skills

- Bachelor's degree in Communication or related field, i.e. Marketing, English, Public Relations, etc.

Recommended Skills

- Strong grammatical/proofreading skills

- Experience with creative management software

Job Type: Full-time