More than a lunch and some trophies.

Becoming a member of AAF Memphis gives you opportunities. To connect with your peers at unique and thoughtful events. To gain inspiration and professional wisdom from renowned guest speakers. To hone your craft. To find recognition for your work at the local, regional and national level with the American Advertising Awards.


Whether you work independently, at an ad agency, in-house, in school or as a consultant, we want you to join us in making the entire advertising community of Memphis a better and more unified one. Whether you are creative, accounts, media, production, interactive, research or all of the above, we have a membership level to fit you and your employees. If not, let us know and we’ll create one. That’s how much we want you to be a part of what we’re doing.

AAF Memphis Membership Benefits

  • Luncheons throughout the year for a low cost of $15/pp
  • Discounted admission to AAF events
  • Discounts on American Advertising Award entries and tickets to the event
  • Gain influence in a professional organization that impacts the future of advertising in the local community and nationally
  • Opportunities to serve your local advertising community as an AAF committee member, board member or officer
  • Discounts on industry publications including Adweek, Advertising Age, and Brandweek
  • Discounts on other useful services including FedEx shipping, Hertz rental car services and insurance

Annual Dues# of Employees
it Benefits
# of Names
on AAF Roster
Company$1,000Up to 205
Employees benefitting from company memberships attend AAF Memphis events at member prices
(typically $15 for luncheons)

Non-members must pay full price admission to attend AAF Memphis events
(typically $25 for luncheons)

Activation fee of $25 for new individual members.

Company Membership

  • Company memberships allow multiple employees to receive the same benefits as an individual member, but at a discounted price.
  • Annual dues cover a designated number of individual memberships based on the level.
  • Due to our national affiliation with AAF, an employee name is required on the AAF Memphis membership roster for each paid indivdual member, but now with company memberships more employees can participate and benefit.