Memphis Ad Agencies Headed to Las Vegas

Posted 27.04.2015

By Madeline Faber
Memphis Daily News

Twelve Memphis ad agencies are headed to the national level of the American Advertising Awards after bringing home 29 awards at the regional level.

It marks the highest number of local participants at the national level in recent years, said Andrea Wiley, AAF Memphis’ incoming president. The agencies were recognized at an April 10 regional event in Knoxville after their digital, print and outdoor campaigns were judged against peers from across Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

Archer-malmo, Harvest, Loaded for Bear and S2N Design took home gold awards. Combustion, Disciple Design, doug carpenter & associates, Farmhouse, inferno, Red Deluxe, Running Pony and Tactical Magic won silver awards.

The Memphis firms’ work highlights other local businesses such as the Indie Memphis Film Festival, Porcellino’s Craft Butcher, Pyramid Vodka and Tennessee Brewery Untapped.

“It really shows that even though we think of Memphis as a small-town city, we are really a creative powerhouse that looks great on a regional level and hopefully nationally,” Wiley said.

Meanwhile, AAF’s local chapter won a national first place in award in programming and regional first place awards in membership and communications.

She attributes the club’s success to a “major transformation” over the past 18 months. The group brought in compelling speakers, such as rock album designer Matthew Jacobsen, and got them outside of the traditional Holiday Inn ballroom. Luncheon lectures were housed in unique locations across the city, like the BRIDGES Center, the historic Annesdale Mansion and Crosstown arts space Amurica.

AAF Memphis increased engagement by tasking a member agency with promoting each event. The email marketing and social campaigns showcased different house styles. AAF Memphis also launched a new website to provide better connections to the industry.

By adding companywide memberships, as opposed to the previous individual structure, membership grew 40 percent and attendance doubled and even tripled at some events.

AAF Memphis is currently made up of 169 members from 75 advertising companies, and attendance at the monthly luncheons averages 150 people.

Wiley – who is director of account management at doug carpenter & associates – said that AAF Memphis had not regionally competed in the club achievement competition for five years, and the national award is a testament to its increased efforts to better reflect the creative industry.

The District 7 agency winners will be judged in June at the AAF National Convention in Las Vegas. Wiley and Hemline Creative Marketing owner Cynthia Saatkamp, AAF Memphis vice president, will be in attendance to receive the awards.

“Our award-winning work is largely a byproduct of the growing energy in Memphis,” Wiley said. “We are a group of creative professionals who live and breathe with the soul of our city in mind everyday. It’s an exciting time as we advance from AAF District 7s competition to the national level of the American Advertising Awards.”

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